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713 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH  44012    
P: 440-933-3129  
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    713 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH  44012
    P: 440-933-3129  F: 440-933-5054


     Chamber of Commerce Benefits Association


    The Chamber of Commerce Benefits Association (CoCBA) formed in 1992 in Northeast Ohio.  The CoCBA is located in Avon Lake, Ohio.  Founded by Tony Abram, the CoCBA is dedicated to helping business owners meet and exceed their expectations.  By offering the highest quality information to its members, the CoCBA builds a web of successful community businesses while continuing to offer FREE membership.

    Quality services, products, resources, Internet options (including website design/hosting), and fund-raising opportunities are offered to members who can join CoCBA at no cost and pay absolutely no dues or fees for membership.  This is possible because the information we provide concerning business opportunities range from free offers to a range of different costs for the products and services we find for you- at the best deal for your business- and pass along those savings to you directly.  For example, Gift Card and Loyalty Card opportunities for your business are available and we do the work of finding you the best deal, the savings are passed directly to you, the business.  We offer this service for free to our members.  When we have fund-raising opportunities for your business, we do not charge you for all the available opportunities we have found beneficial to your business.  We only make money when you have a successful partnership with us thru your fund-raiser.  There is never an opt-out fee if you change your mind.  A partnership with the CoCBA is a rare find in the world of business, one with unlimited possibilities, and limited costs passed along to you.   As we said before, we only collect a portion of the money your business may earn when a successful partnership with CoCBA is needed for business ventures such as fund-raising.

    The official CoCBA website (www.cocba.com) started in 2006.  You may have seen us before at another address, in our first venture on the information super highway, however now we have a permanent home at cocba.com.  Our name be long, but our web address is short, easy to remember, and simple to add to your website as a link if you wish.  We offer most of services completely free of charge, such as supplying links to our website by copying and pasting one of our quality logo designs to your business website.  If your business is in need of its own logo design, we do offer an affordable logo design for your business at this link: AFFORDABLE LOGO DESIGN, courtesy of a local artist, JHEK.  Does your office need original, quality artwork?  JHEK is also a painter and illustrator. 

    We are going to post some of our most popular logos and ads below for you to view and / or use for you to print or post on your website.  Thank you for visiting the CoCBA website and reading ABOUT US!!!



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